Offshore Company Formation

Offshore Company Registration in Dubai

Offshore company registration in Dubai is ideal and effective for business owners who wish to do global business operations.

Such business setups are framed under no-tax jurisdiction laws and they are exempt from corporate taxes as for the properly structured non-resident company. It also helps to protect assets and enhance wealth management.

The following advantages will guide us in Offshore company registration in Dubai:

offshore company registration in Dubai
offshore company registration in Dubai

Advantages of Offshore Company Registration in Dubai:

Anonymity of business & 100% Foreign ownership. The confidentiality of operating an offshore business in the UAE has been attracting visitors, entrepreneurs, and businessmen from all over the world to embark on offshore company registration in Dubai. Details of the beneficial owner will not be made available to the public. The details of the beneficial owner(s) are not required to be filed with any government office.

An offshore company possesses an independent legal personality and holds the same powers as a natural person. It requires a minimum of only one shareholder and one director, who may be the same individual. There is no obligation to appoint any local directors or shareholders. Shareholders or directors of an offshore company can be foreign individuals or corporate entities.  It is good to note that in offshore company registration in Dubai, the shareholders and directors of an offshore company may be individuals or corporations of any nationality.

Unlike any other countries that are part of Gulf Cooperation Countries, it is not compulsory for an offshore company in UAE to have a local partner. While holding a different nationality, you can easily manage and run your own business in Dubai without having to depend on a local shareholder.

Cost efficient and Simple Setup. Offshore company registration in Dubai is quick and easy and can be done within a period of four to five days. To register for this business setup in UAE, companies don’t need more than one shareholder or director.

To make it even better, offshore companies can be fully virtual. In most cases, you don’t need to establish an office for this setup.

Good Reputation. With the United Arab Emirates being in the white list of offshore companies, you can enjoy credibility among your partners and customers while being registered in a well-developed and still progressing country.

Protected Assets & Strong Legal Protection. If you setup offshore company in Dubai, you can obtain protection for your assets. This setup offers a reliable platform for the investors. It provides asset protection to foreign trustees. This allows them to create a legal wall between the assets within the company and creditors.

Any assets or investments you may own should essentially be separate from you legally and be under a separate entity for added protection.

This separate entity can be your offshore company in UAE and hence keeping your assets safe in an unfortunate legal battle or circumstance.