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If you are new in the UAE, navigating the distinction between a local service agent (LSA) and a local sponsor in Dubai can be intricate. Our platform offers comprehensive insights into the roles of these entities, providing factual information on when each is required for business operations in the UAE. Whether you're establishing a new venture or seeking to understand regulatory obligations, our resources equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions aligned with local business protocols. Trust our expertise to guide you through the processes of LSA arrangements and local sponsor in Dubai, ensuring compliance and operational efficiency in your business endeavors.

local sponsor in dubai
local sponsor in Dubai

Most of the investors want to be in the middle of the action which means establishing a company in the mainland. Unlike free zones, a mainland company can trade directly anywhere in the country which gives them the advantage of having large-scale opportunities.

If your business is in the mainland, you must understand whether you need a local sponsor or not.

As a newbie investor in UAE, among the questions that you might ask is whether you need a Local Service Agent or a Local Sponsor in Dubai to set up your company. The answer to this question is depending  on the category of the activity  of the company you will be having.  There are more than 1,000 activities which do not require a local sponsor. That means you as an expat,  can have  100% ownership of your business.


Local Service Agent (LSA)

A Local Service Agent (LSA) plays a crucial role in facilitating the processing of documents of foreign businesses in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The LSA acts as liaison of the company, providing administrative support, liaising with government authorities, and assisting in navigating local regulations and procedures. While the LSA does not have ownership or control over the business, their involvement is essential for compliance with UAE regulations and ensures a smooth and legally compliant operation within the country.

LSAs typically possess valuable connections with government entities and regulatory bodies. They serve as a bridge facilitating communication and aiding in the resolution of any issues that may arise during the establishment or operation of the business. An LSA may only assist you with the processing of your licenses and other things related to transactions with the government but they do not have to interfere with the daily operations of the company.


Local Sponsor in Dubai

A local sponsor in Dubai refers to a UAE national or a company owned by UAE nationals who holds a certain percentage of shares in a foreign-owned company. The local sponsor in Dubai acts as a partner or local agent for the foreign business entity, facilitating its operations within the UAE.

Here's a breakdown of what a local sponsor in Dubai typically entails:

  • Ownership Stake

    The local sponsor is required to hold a minimum percentage of shares in the foreign-owned company which can vary depending on the legal structure and type of business activity.

  • Legal Representation

    The local sponsor serves as the legal representative of the foreign-owned company in dealings with government authorities, including obtaining licenses, permits, visas, and other regulatory requirements.

  • Nominal Role

    While the local sponsor holds a stake in the company and may have legal responsibilities, their involvement in the day-to-day operations of the business can vary. In many cases, they play a nominal role, especially in businesses where the foreign investor maintains management control.

  • Financial Obligations

    Depending on the agreement between the parties, the local sponsor may or may not have financial obligations towards the company. This can include investment in the business or sharing of profits and losses as per the terms of the partnership agreement.

  • Partnership Agreement

    Establishing a clear and comprehensive partnership agreement is crucial to formalize the relationship between the foreign investor and the local sponsor. This agreement outlines the rights, obligations, profit-sharing arrangements, and other terms governing the partnership.

It's important for foreign investors to carefully consider their choice of local sponsor and to enter into a partnership agreement that safeguards their interests while complying with UAE regulations. Seeking legal advice and working with reputable business consultants like TheLeadingLink can help ensure a smooth and successful partnership arrangement in Dubai.

It is also important to note however that in the current license regulations in the UAE, more than 1000 business activities are now permitted to have 100% foreign ownership.

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