Company Setup in the UAE: How long does it take?

Exploring company setup in the UAE and curious about the timeline?
Let's delve into the process together to understand how long it typically takes.

Get free initial consultation with TheLeadingLink


Company setup in the uae

Company setup in the UAE

Once you have decided on your business activities, book a consultation with us for a full guidance and discussion about your business structure, jurisdiction and document requirements

1-2 Days

Receive your trade license


Company setup in the uae

Company setup in the UAE

After receiving the necessary requirements from you, we will take care of the full process of getting your business license, so you can use your valuable time in the more important aspects of your business.

1-5 Days

Get establishment card and entry visa as investor


Company setup in the uae

Company setup in the UAE

Upon issuance of your business license, we will process your immigration documents including the company establishment card and your visa/s as investor/s.

1-5 Days

Go for your medical fitness test and Emirates ID biometrics


Company setup in the uae

Once your visa is issued, you will have to go for a medical fitness test and biometrics for your Emirates ID. Your Emirates ID is very important as this would be required in any official transactions in the UAE.

2-5 Days

Open your business bank account


Company setup in the uae

Having a business bank account is mandatory for all businesses. We will guide and help you in opening a corporate bank account so you can operate your business seamlessly.

2-14 Days

You're all set!


Company setup in the uae

Start your journey in one of the most promising economic hubs in the world!


That's all there is to it!

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