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Corporate Event Management Packages

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One (1) Booth Representative

Corporate Event Management Onsite

Coordinate with the Exhibition before, during, and after the event to ensure successful execution
Represent the Exhibitor and ensure attainment of participation objectives of the Exhibitor.
Manage onsite activities and reception of customers.​
Make a summary of all clients who visited the booth categorizing them by company name, contact person, and requirements.​
Brief the clients about the featured/displayed items and company products.​
Promote the exhibitor and create awareness about the exhibitor’s unique selling points (USPs)​
Provide product demonstration to clients and take clients to virtual tours to highlight company's strong background and exceptional products​
Connect the prospective client to the Exhibitor technical team via virtually if required​
Distribute flyers and brochures of the Exhibitors​


Brochure/flyers printing and distribution ​
Giveaways/souvenir items distribution -items to be provided by exhibitor (optional service)​
Videos to be shown on TV - video, and TV from the exhibitor (optional service)​


Ipad /Laptop​
Sim cards with data​
Adopters, extensions, stationery​
Select Basic


Two (2) Booth Representatives

Corporate Event Management Onsite

Everything in the BASIC package PLUS the following:​
Send a thank you Whatsapp message to the booth visitor at the end of each day.​
Go beyond the booth premises and visit other pavilions in order to get more leads from exhibitors, buyers, and visitors. ​
Submit a post-event KPI report​


Brochure and flyer distribution
Giveaways/souvenir items distribution -items to be provided by exhibitor (optional service)
Videos to be shown on TV – video, and TV from the exhibitor (optional service)


Ipad /Laptop
Sim cards with data
Adopters, extensions, stationery
Select Premium

Corporate Event Management Booth Management and Booth Representative Services

The success of corporate event management does not only depend on the attendee’s satisfaction and the number of people visiting the stand. Real success counts on the generation of sales leads and connections that would bring you business.


The Leading Link is a corporate event management company in Dubai, with over 28 years of experience in delivering exceptional corporate event management services.

Our team of experienced professionals specializes in corporate event management, ensuring that every event we plan is tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

We understand the importance of corporate event management and the impact it can have on your business, that’s why we’re dedicated to creating unique and memorable experiences for all types of corporate events, from conferences and product launches to team-building activities and company celebrations.

To ensure proper representation and successful meeting of your objectives, our corporate event management approach has 5 stages:



Tell us the concept of the event or exhibition with your objectives and budget.



We brainstorm, design a strategy and plan the event to meet your objectives. We consider various elements and set the key performance indicators to ensure measurable outcomes.



Our designated booth representatives dedicate time to study your company, products, and services. The internalization process also involves practicing product demo and presentations.



Our booth representatives join the actual event on your behalf and promote your brand with positivity and charisma from beginning to end.


Post Event Reporting

After the event, we provide you with the KPI report to ensure your event objectives are met. Our KPIs for corporate event management are based on measurable outcomes.

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We measure event success and conduct a post-event survey. These enable us to evaluate the experience in order to provide recommendations for improvement for future events.