Account Deletion and Data Removal

At The Leading Link, we understand that your privacy is important. When you choose to delete your account, we want to ensure a smooth and secure process for removing your personal data from our systems.

Data Deletion Timeline:

When you delete your account, please note that your personal data will be securely and permanently deleted from our active systems within approximately 28 days. This time frame allows us to process data removal requests in an organized and efficient manner. Please be aware that backups and archival copies may retain your data for a limited period due to technical and legal considerations.

Data Removal Process:

Upon initiating the account deletion process, you can rest assured that we prioritize the removal of your personal information from our active databases and systems. We undertake best practices to ensure that your data is handled in compliance with privacy standards.

Backup and Archival Data:

Please be aware that while your data will be removed from our active systems within the specified timeframe, backup and archival copies may still contain your data for a limited period. These copies are subject to separate retention policies and are maintained in a secure environment.

Your Privacy Matters:

We value your trust and strive to be transparent about our data-handling practices. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the account deletion process or data removal, please feel free to contact our Privacy Team at [email protected]

Thank you for being a part of The Leading Link. Your privacy and security are of utmost importance to us.


The Leading Link Privacy Team